Regulations for abstracts submitting for the Angiological Nursing Session of the 11th International Conference of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery

1. Abstracts should be submitted by 20/08/2019

2. Abstracts can be submitted in electronic format using the online form available on the Conference website: www.ptchn2019.pl

3. Abstracts may not be previously published or presented at other scientific conferences

4. Abstract should be prepared in Polish

5. The volume of the abstract may not exceed 2 500 characters. The summary should not include figures, photographs or charts

6. The content of the abstract should be prepared with the division into: introduction, material and method, results, conclusions

7. The organizers accept original works and case descriptions

8. Submitting of abstract is tantamount to obtaining permission to present the work from all co-authors and the head of the unit from which the work comes from

9. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The Organizer of the Conference will notify the Authors of the qualified abstracts electronically (by e-mail) until 26.08.2019

10. The following summary should be attached to the submitted abstracts: "The presented work is an independent elaboration of its author / authors"